January 31, 2016

Email Verification Service

About me

My name is William Vega. I worked in marketing since the early 90s, and in Internet Marketing since the early 2000s. Since 2005 I have been offering private email marketing services to hundreds of marketers and companies. Email verification is what I do best and what I’m best known for, I’ve verified billions of emails for companies like MailChimp, Amazon, vBulletin, Sony, Alibaba and many others.


Complete Removal of Spamtraps and Honeypots
Your lists are run through a database that contains billions of records of spam-traps, honeypots and other dangerous emails.

Complete Removal of Leads With High Risk Keywords
Emails that contain dangerous keywords like “abuse, report, spam”, etc. are removed.

Complete Removal of Role Accounts
Emails with “support, sales, questions, info”, etc. are removed.

Complete Removal of High Risk TLDs and Domains
Emails with government, security and anti-spam organizations TLDs and domains are removed.

Complete Removal of Duplicates
All duplicate email addresses are removed.

Complete Removal of Disposable Emails
All disposable email addresses are removed.

Complete Removal of Emails With Invalid Syntax
Emails with invalid syntax or badly formatted are removed.

Complete Removal of Complainers
Lists are run through a database of emails from people who often report unsolicited emails.

Email Validation
Your lists are validated to make sure they can actually receive emails.


I guarantee a 99% match rate (the highest in the industry), 97% deliverability and no false positives. My clients usually experience between 10x and up to 50x reduction in bounce rates.

I own dozens of servers, white-listed by all major ISPs . I never overload them, to guarantee the most accurate results possible. My service is 100% professional, I guarantee the safety of your data and your complete satisfaction.

Up to 1 thousand leads / $5
Up to 5 thousand leads / $15
Up to 10 thousand leads / $24
Up to 25 thousand leads / $50
Up to 50 thousand leads / $89
Up to 100 thousand leads / $165
Up to 250 thousand leads / $300
Up to 300 thousand leads / $349
Up to 500 thousand leads / $449
Up to 750 thousand leads / $500
Up to 1 million leads / $599
Up to 2 million leads / $1,000
Up to 5 million leads / $1,899
Up to 10 million leads / $3,000
Up to 20 million leads / $5,299
Up to 30 million leads / $7,500
Up to 40 million leads / $9,600
Up to 50 million leads / $11,000

Prices in USD


Fill out the following form and we’ll get in touch within a few hours. Please make sure that your email address is valid. In the Verifications menu select how many leads you want me to verify. If you need more than 50 million lead verifications, select More and then enter the number in the Additional Comments field.

If you will use Paypal, enter the email address associated with it in the Payment Email field. We will send an invoice there.

We accept wire transfers on orders over $300. Orders paid using this method won’t be processed until payment is cleared and received, the process can take up to several business days.

If you can’t use any of the payment methods supported, choose Other and then enter in the Additional Comments field what method you can use. We’ll let you know if we can accept your payment that way.

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