January 25, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions


How responsive are the leads I will be buying from you?
Our leads are targeted and active buyers; however, they will only be as responsive as your emailing capabilities are. if your emails are inboxing at a decent ratio and if you have good copy writing skills, you should make money. Take a look at this post for more information regarding this.

Can you provide leads in any niche I need?
Feel free to contact us and let us know what niche you need, we’ll let you know if we have it available.

Why isn’t the process to buy leads automated?
We don’t oversell our leads. We sell each lead to a small number of people; for this reason, we need to process orders manually. For security reasons we don’t store leads on our server either.

How long do I have to wait to get my leads?
We send out raw lists within 24 hours after payment and order details are received (on business days). Please be patient if we take longer than that to send your leads, we process several orders per day, so sometimes we are forced to delay orders by a day or two.

Verified lists will be sent at least 3 days (and up to 10 days, depending on the number of leads acquired) after payment and order details are received.

If you paid with Money Gram or Western Union, the process might take an additional 24 hours (on business days). If you sent a wire transfer, the process might take additional business days.

Are your lists completely free of invalid emails?
Every list will inevitably have a small percentage of invalid emails. There’s a number of reasons why a valid email address becomes inactive, it just happens. Rest assured though, our lists are completely free of spam traps, honey pots and other dangerous emails.

If you want to have 100% active emails, you can either buy one of our verified email lists or we recommend using the services of our good friend Billy Eltoro. He offers great prices and his email verification service is the best we have tried so far (and we’ve tried most). Learn more about it here.

What is the difference between raw leads and verified leads?
Raw leads are sold as is, verified lists are filtered using a professional email verification service. Click here to learn more about this.

What does the Exclusive Rights price mean?
It means you can buy exclusive rights to those leads. If you buy exclusive rights, the same leads will not be sold to other customers. We will only sell a list in the same niche if we have additional or new leads that were not sold exclusively.

Can I know the source of your leads?
No, sorry. We can provide this service because we keep our sources private. We could BS you with a fake source, but we’re an honest business. Also, we work with real marketers and we won’t risk our relationship with them by giving them the impression that we do “name names”, even if they are fake.

Can I use these leads with normal autoresponders?
If they allow the manual importing of leads, yes. It’s risky though. If you receive too many spam complaints, you will be shut down. You will also be shutdown if too many emails bounce, we recommend using an email verification service before attempting to use a mainstream autoresponder or SMTP service (like AWS).

If you want to use a mainstream autoresponder or SMTP service, don’t spam your leads silly over night. Be smart about it, begin by sending emails that contain useful information related to the product, offer or service you will be promoting later on. Some will opt-out, but after a while you will end up having a list of people who don’t mind receiving your emails, and more important, you will have earned the trust of the auto-responder or SMTP service you have used to email them.

What type of information can I expect to get from your leads?
It varies from list to list. It will be specified in the sales page of each list. All lists will include at least email addresses, which is usually all you need.

In what file format do you send leads?
We send them in both TXT and CSV formats. If you need them in a specific format, let us know when you place your order.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payoneer, credit card and debit card payments (you need an Amazon account to pay with a credit or debit card). We accept direct bank deposits on orders over $200. We also accept Western Union or MoneyGram transfers on orders over $200.

Do you offer refunds?
We don’t offer refunds. If you’re unsure about our service, please clarify any doubts you have before making a purchase.

I have leads to sell, what are the requirements or benefits of selling my leads through BML?
Please visit this page for information regarding this.


Does the service include the rent of the server and IP addresses?
No. We’ll set up your mailing platform; you need to get the server from a third-party provider and we’ll work on it.

What are the server requirements for your SMTP services?
You need at least 1 VPS or dedicated server and at least 2 IP addresses (per server) if you require IP rotation. Your server needs to have a fresh installation of CentOS 5 or 6 x64. Your domain has to be properly configured on your domain registrant control panel. If you don’t know how to set up a fresh installation of CentOS or how to properly set up your domain, we can do this for you for an extra $12 for any of the two services or for $20 for both.

How long does it take you to set up my SMTP server?
We deliver most servers within 3 business days after payment and server information is received. If you order multiple servers we may take additional days to finish them all. Please also be patient if we take longer than 3 business days, sometimes we have to handle multiple orders at the same time and we have to delay some of the orders a few days.

How many of the emails I send will reach the inbox?
Whether an email will reach the inbox depends on many factors: reputation of IP addresses, domains, sending volume, etc. The way you write your emails can also determine if they will reach the inbox or not. All commercial email providers have lists of banned words that trigger their spam filters. If you only use images you can trigger their spam filters.

Emails sent from our setups get a perfect or near perfect score on SenderScore. After we finish working on your server, we make sure that emails reach the inbox; however, we do not guarantee that your email campaigns will reach the inbox.

Please read this post for more information about this.

How many emails can I send with this setup?
You can send as many emails as you want, but keep in mind, the more emails you send from new/cold IP addresses and domains, the lesser chance you’ll have of reaching the inbox.

You can go the route of those who try to send a million emails per day and never reach the inbox; or you can play it smart and send small volumes until you build a good reputation and then be able to send a few million emails per month with a good inbox ratio.

The amount of IP addresses you have and the quality of your VPS/dedicated server will also play a role.

How many IP addresses do I need for my SMTP server?
The general consensus is that 1 IP address will allow you to safely send out up to ~300k (~10k daily) emails monthly; however, if you want to stay under the radar and increase your chances of building a good reputation, we recommend 1 IP for every ~100,000 (~3.3k daily) emails.

So if you plan to send 500,000 emails a month, at least 5 IP addresses would be recommended. Of course, if you send the same 500 thousand emails from 10 different IP addresses, your server and IP addresses will be less likely to get blacklisted, and your inbox rate would probably increase as well.

You can also send a lot more than 300k emails/per IP a month, but you’re also at much greater risk of getting blacklisted.

A single warm IP address can potentially send millions of emails per day with a good inbox ratio; on the other hand, you could have 100 IP addresses and if you don’t follow proper email marketing practices, most ISPs will blacklist the entire range.

What does ‘warming up’ an IP address mean?
When an IP is new or has no reputation it is labeled as ‘cold’. All traffic coming from this new or cold IP address and all of its activity in general will be closely evaluated by Internet Service Providers, email services and anti-spam organizations.

So for example, if you willy-nilly start sending tens of thousands of emails per day from a cold IP address; then more likely than not, it will be blacklisted for spamming and all subsequent emails sent will be automatically rejected.

How can I warm up my IP address and how can I avoid getting blacklisted?
The first step is making sure the IP addresses you have are not already blacklisted, you can verify this on sites like Sender Score and Sender Base. If the IP addresses are clean, then the best way to warm them up is by sending a small volume of emails for a while.

We recommend no more than 100 thousand a month per IP address for at least a month; but if you keep this threshold permanently, then your chances of staying under the radar will increase.

Read this post for more information about this.

I only need to send a few thousand emails per month, is this set up right for me?
Not really. Postfix or even PHP mail plus a mailing script should do this job for you.

Where can I contact you for further questions?
You can find all contact details on this page.