How to Be a Successful Greyhat / Blackhat Email Marketer

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Whether you are a whitehat email marketer, a grey one or a black one, it’s equally important to always think, act and behave like a professional. A vast majority of greyhat and blackhat email marketers are failing in this business because they think, act and behave like spammers.

If you think the road to success to email marketing is sending millions of emails a day to leads you found online, then think again… you’re thinking like a spammer! Successful email marketers know that this is a business where quality will take you to the top regardless of quantity. If you’re only thinking of quantity, then again… you’re thinking like a spammer.


They are successful because their subscribers trust them, and they trust them because they have built a reputation of offering value to their subscribers. Successful email marketers won’t begin relationships trying to sell you something, instead, they will try to build a relationship. They will court you by offering valuable niche related information before making a money making move.


Before you begin, you need to have the right tools for your email marketing journey…

Email Lists
You need to have lists that have a large percentage of valid emails. If you start using lists you find posted somewhere online, you won’t get far. Those lists are filled with invalid emails and spam-traps, it’s never wise to email lists that contain too many of these. At best, your SMTP servers will get black listed sooner or your third-party provider will kick you out and at worst, you can find yourself in legal problems for spamming.

If you don’t have the skills or connections to get your own lists, buy them from trusted sellers like BrokerMyLeads. Also, if you have the extra cash, get them verified. You can also verify your current leads using a professional email verification service. Is not cheap to verify large quantities, but the result is definitely worth it.

Mailing Platforms
You need to make sure that your emails are being delivered. Using verified email lists allow you to use third-party SMTP providers and potentially stay under the radar. This is made possible by the fact that verified lists will have a low bounce rate, so unless you get too many spam complaints, you are likely to keep using these services indefinitely to take advantage of their high deliverability rate.

We generally advise against using auto-responders, because they are usually too quick to pull the banning trigger, so even if you’re getting a low bounce rate, they won’t hesitate to disable your account the moment they start seeing spam complaints. They don’t hesitate to ban white hat marketers either, so a grey/black hat one won’t stand much of a chance.

The best is to have your own servers. You won’t have to worry about getting banned, if your IPs or domain are blacklisted you just install a new one and move on. You won’t have any sending limits either and in the end, it’s also much cheaper than paying third-party services.

The downside of having your own servers is that installing one that fully works is not an easy job. Most people doing this job don’t do it right and they charge too much money for it.

If you’re looking for a quality installation at a reasonable price, you should take a look at our SMTP server installation services. We’ve installed over 100 servers already with 100% positive feedback so far.

So now that you have your leads and mailing platform, let’s talk about how you can earn the trust of your prospects.


Sending a welcome email is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make in email marketing, specially if you’re in greyhat-blackhat email marketing. A welcome email is not only the perfect way to tell your leads what it is that you’re offering and what they should expect from you; but it also gives you the opportunity to weed out those who don’t want to be emailed by you.

Here’s an example of how you could write a welcome email:

Hi, my name is Anthony Swift. I’m an experienced Internet Marketer and entrepreneur. I specialize in affiliate and CPA marketing. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to make a living working at home.

In the following days and weeks I’ll be in contact with you, sending you emails with invaluable information that will teach you how to make money online and/or that will help you grow your online business.

I hope you’re as excited to receive my information as I am to share it. If you do not wish to receive any more of my emails, you can unsubscribe here:

All the best,
Anthony Swift

OK, so is not the best welcome email ever written, but you get the idea, right? What you want to do is introduce yourself, tell them a bit about who you are and what you do (it doesn’t have to be real information.) You want to tease what they can expect from your emails and more important, you should explicitly offer them the option to unsubscribe.

Why is this important?
This is important because you will be able to get rid of anyone who simply doesn’t want to receive emails from you. The less spam complaints you receive, the happier your email marketing life will be.

People who don’t ask to get removed (the ones who open your email, of course) will be interested in what you’re offering, so obviously they will be more receptive to your emails and eventually, to your offers.

It’s also important because this welcome email will help you build IP reputation (AKA IP warming).


There’s a million WSOs covering this subject, so I would advise you to find some of these and read in more detail how you should write your email sequences. Basically, you want to send them free information or content related to the product/service/affiliate offer that you will try to sell them later on (and it will also help you build server reputation.)

I usually email my leads 3 times a week. In the first email I’ll share something of value related to my niche, 100% free of charge (it can be an article, an eBook, a video, etc..) In the second, I’ll send them a promo email with offers. For the third, I create a sort of newsletter, where I combine both free information and paid offers. The newsletter is by far the most successful of the 3, but I believe the first two emails are important to set it up.

Before getting to this type of sequence though, I email free content to new subscribers for at least a couple of weeks before sending them any offers. This sends the message that I’m not your everyday spammer and it’s also useful to warm my IP addresses.

It’s also VERY important that before you send your emails (regardless if you’re offering value or trying to sell something), always check them on a site like This site will run your emails (and SMTP server) through anti-spam filters and it will tell you if your messages are triggering spam alerts and if your SMTP server is passing all required checks.

If they’re giving you a green light on both accounts, then your changes of inboxing will most definitely increase. If you don’t pass some of the checks, it doesn’t mean that you won’t inbox, but you should fix the issues if you know how to, if you don’t; then just go ahead and email your leads. The only way to know with 100% certainty if your emails are being delivered or not is after you send them.


As long as you keep sending valuable content to your subscribers, they will remain responsive. Also, make sure that what you’re trying to sell has some actual value. If you’re going to push an affiliate offer, don’t just pick any products, do a little research and only choose those that are selling a lot and have positive feedback (or that have been tested by you personally.)

If you’re selling a service or your own product, then depending how good they are, they will keep buying from you… or not.