Professional SMTP Server Setups Now Available

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We promised this service a few months ago, and here it is. We’re now offering professional SMTP server installations at a very low price. Our service includes the installation of an SMTP server, properly authenticated with SPF, DKIM, ELHO, rDNS and DMARC. Interspire Email Marketer, IEM add-ons, PowerMTA, cronjobs, bounce processing, spam-trap handling and IP rotation.

A single installation of a server with these features can cost up to a few hundred bucks in most places; but for a while, as an introduction price, we’re offering this service for as little as $30 per server (when you buy more than 11 servers at once) or $55 for a single server.

We make sure your server is 100% properly configured and sending emails to the inbox before we deliver it to you. Please make sure the IPs that come with your servers are not blacklisted before using our service, if they are, your emails will either end up in the spam folder or they will get blocked altogether.

Read here for more information about our service. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us here.