Site Updated and Other News

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I have finally got some free time on my hands and I made good use of it. I updated the website and as you may have noticed, it’s now faster and prettier than ever. The leads order page is now cleaner and much easier to browse; we’re only listing the niches the vast majority of people buy and we’re also giving you a lot more leads for a lot less money. We will keep things simple and offer just these 3 packages:

  1. 100,000 leads for $25
  2. 300,000 leads for $50
  3. 1,000,000 leads for $100

You can buy more than a million leads if you need. Just because we’re now offering you more for less doesn’t mean that the leads aren’t as good as they used to; we’re still offering private, laser targeted and high quality leads. We’re just trying to make things much simpler for everybody.

SMTP Servers

With SMTP servers we’re now offering the option to have Interspire Email Marketer or MailWizz EMA installed. If you need or want both, we can install both for a few bucks more. We’re also now including for no extra cost a package of guides that will teach you how to properly warm up IP addresses, increase deliverability, best practices, copy-writing and others. We also give you user guides for Interspire, MailWizz and PowerMTA.

Unlimited Servers

If you want to make of email marketing a long-term business, then we can teach you a very easy method to install unlimited SMTP servers for you and/or for customers. You can install fully working and authenticated SMTP servers with Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz, Sendy and other software, PowerMTA, Maborak add-ons, etc. any time you want without having to pay ever again to get servers installed.

We’re still working on new exciting things for our customers; so please keep checking back for more news.