SMTP Server

PowerMTA is a highly reliable and flawless high-volume email delivery application. It offers comprehensive reporting, analysis tools and is simply the best MTA solution in the world.

IP Rotation
The ability to rotate IP addresses will allow your server to send more emails, reach the inbox more often and extend its lifespan.

The proper configuration of cron jobs, permissions and every single extension needed by your SMTP server is key to achieve its perfect performance.


Interspire Email Marketer
An all-in-one platform that includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing. It includes powerful tools to automate all your email marketing tasks like auto responders, split testing, built-in templates, custom fields, event logging and more!

MailWizz EMA
A simple to use and powerful application with an impressive set of features that will not only allow you to handle email marketing for your own purposes but that can also allow you to become a provider for customers. Create pricing plans, promo codes and manage orders & transactions.

A lightweight but powerful application with features such as lists & subscribers management, reports, bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling, autoresponders and more. Sendy also allows you to become a provider and earn money by allowing your customers to send newsletter with limits & prices you establish.

Built to Inbox

We configure your SMTP server to be properly authenticated with SPF, DKIM, ELHO, rDNS and DMARC. A properly authenticated email server will increase your deliverability and it will help you build positive reputation faster.

Perfect Score
Your server is optimized to achieve a perfect score on email analysis tools like Mail-Tester. A perfect score ensures that your server has the full potential to reach the inbox. Please read terms below.

Bounce Processing
Keep your lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically based on “smart bounce rules”, helping keep your deliverability rate high.


Interspire Email Marketer Add-Ons
Dynamic Content Tags, Geolocation Statistics, Multi-Thread, Social Network Integration, Spinning, Split Testing, Surveys are just some of the extensions installed on your email server. Only available if you choose to have Interspire Email Marketer installed.

Spam Traps
We pre-load over 1 million spam traps on your email server and we give an extra 5 million for you to load.

We include several guides in topics such as IP warming, improving deliverablity, copywriting and email marketing in general. We also include user guides for Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz and PowerMTA.


1 Server

  • $25
  • 1 Server
  • PowerMTA
  • Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz or Sendy
  • Interspire Add-Ons *
  • Proper Authentication
  • IP Rotation
  • Bounce Processing
  • Resources
  • See Plan Details
    * Interspire Add-Ons are only compatible with Interspire Email Marketer.

3 Servers

  • $50
  • 3 Servers
  • PowerMTA
  • Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz or Sendy
  • Interspire Add-Ons *
  • Proper Authentication
  • IP Rotation
  • Bounce Processing
  • Resources
  • See Plan Details
    * Interspire Add-Ons are only compatible with Interspire Email Marketer.

Unlimited Servers

  • $75
  • Unlimited Servers
  • PowerMTA
  • Interspire Email Marketer *
  • Interspire Add-Ons **
  • Proper Authentication
  • IP Rotation
  • Bounce Processing
  • Resources
  • See Plan Details
    * This plan includes the option to install Interspire Email Marketer automatically. MailWizz EMA, Sendy and other email software can also be installed manually by you. ** Interspire Add-Ons are only compatible with Interspire Email Marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, you can reach out to us here.

Does the service include the rent of the server and IP addresses?
No. We’ll set up your mailing platform; you need to get the server from a third-party provider and we’ll work on it.

What are the server requirements for your SMTP services?
You need a VPS or dedicated server and at least 2 IP addresses if you require IP rotation. Your server needs to have a fresh installation of CentOS 5 or 6 x64. Your domain has to be properly configured on your domain registrant control panel. If you don’t know how to set up a fresh installation of CentOS or how to properly set up your domain, we can do this for you for an extra $12 for any of the two services or $20 for both.

How long does it take you to set up my SMTP server?
We deliver most servers within 3 business days after payment and server information is received. If you order multiple servers we may take additional days to complete the job. Please also be patient if it takes us longer than 3 business days to deliver your server, sometimes we have to handle multiple orders at the same time and we have to delay some of them.

How many of the emails I send will reach the inbox?
Whether an email will reach the inbox depends on many factors: reputation of IP addresses, domains, sending volume, etc. Your copy can also determine if they will reach the inbox or not. All commercial email providers have lists of banned words that trigger their spam filters. If you only use images you can trigger their spam filters.

Emails sent from our setups get a perfect or near perfect score on Mail-Tester. After we finish working on your server, we make sure that emails reach the inbox; however, we do not guarantee that your email campaigns will reach the inbox.

Please read this post for more information about this.

How many emails can I send with this setup?
You can send as many emails as you want, but keep in mind, the more emails you send from new/cold IP addresses and domains, the lesser chance you’ll have of reaching the inbox.

You can go the route of those who try to send a million emails per day and never reach the inbox; or you can play it smart and send small volumes until you build a good reputation and then be able to send a few million emails per month with a good inbox ratio.

How many IP addresses do I need for my SMTP server?
A single warm IP address can potentially send millions of emails per day with a good inbox ratio; on the other hand, you could have 100 IP addresses and if you don’t follow proper email marketing practices, most ISPs will blacklist the entire range.

More IP addresses will of course allow you to send more emails, but whether you buy 2 IP addresses or 100 IP addresses, if you don’t follow proper IP warming practices your emails will land in the spam folder and eventually ISPs will block them completely.

If you’re new to bulk mail sending, then we recommend you get 2 IP addresses for your first server and then focus on warming up those properly. You will learn a lot in the process and for your next server(s) you can experiment with more.

What does ‘warming up’ an IP address mean?
When an IP is new or has no reputation it is labeled as ‘cold’. All traffic coming from this new or cold IP address and all of its activity in general will be closely evaluated by Internet Service Providers, email services and anti-spam organizations.

So for example, if you start sending tens of thousands of emails per day from a cold IP address; then more likely than not, it will be blacklisted for spamming and all subsequent emails sent will be automatically rejected.

How can I warm up my IP address and how can I avoid getting blacklisted?
The first step is making sure the IP addresses you have are not already blacklisted, you can verify this on sites like Sender Score and Sender Base. If the IP addresses are clean, then the best way to warm them up is by sending a small volume of emails for a while.

If you buy our SMTP Server Setup service we will give you a schedule guide for proper IP warming.

Mail Tester Score

We are able to deliver a server with a perfect (or near) perfect score on Mail-Tester under the following conditions:

  1. None of your IP addresses or domain are in any black lists.
  2. You registered your name servers correctly on your domain registrant.
  3. The IP addresses provided by your host are not associated with different domains.

If your IP address(es) or domain are blacklisted then there’s little we can do to get you a perfect score. If you didn’t register your name servers correctly or if you don’t know how to do it, we can do it for you for an extra 12 bucks. If any of the IP addresses provided by your host are associated with different domains, then you can fix this by asking them to update the rDNS information associated with the IP address(es).

A perfect score on Mail-Tester does not guarantee that your emails will reach the inbox. This is a test that measures the potentiality of your email server. A high score or perfect score is telling you that if you follow best practices and you warm up your IP addresses properly, you will reach the inbox more often than not.