SSL & Super Pack

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As you may have noticed the site is now protected by an SSL certificate. Thanks to our friend James Craig for the great job BTW. We don’t really deal with sensitive data here and we don’t process payments directly; but it’s still an extra layer of protection that shouldn’t hurt us, our customers or our Google ranking.

Also, we’re now offering the Email Marketing Super Pack to the masses. We used to offer this as a special promo every now and then, but now (maybe for limited time) everyone can get it for the ridiculous low price of $35. The super pack includes all the tools and a step by step tutorial to setup unlimited bulk email servers. Over 1,000 databases, private leads, email verifications, lead scraping and more.

You get all the tools and resources you need to get into email marketing seriously. You can profit from setting up your own servers or you can use the different tools and knowledge to offer services to other people. It’s almost impossible not to get at least your investment of $35 back one way or another.

We used to offer this pack for $179 and a lot of people bought it. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and get it as soon as you can! 🙂

You can learn more about the Email Marketing Super Pack here.